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The reason they are like that however is not Stoicism—it’s their problems. I often ask myself what someone wise, just, self-disciplined and courageous would do when faced with the problem that I am facing. Both in the Ancient Greco-Roman World and in Ancient China, philosophers of different schools attempted to construct an ideal of a just ruler and a just society. The Greek Life Steering Committee Report, published on June 27, 2001, describes the formation of the committee as well as these principles. When your leadership style is rooted in a strong set of values and principles, you’ll remain committed to your goals, and you’ll be more likely to motivate and inspire your employees on a regular basis. The unique approach of The ALKISTIS Method is that these same traits are applied to oneself, to lead one’s self, to take charge of your life and guide yourself to flourishing (Eudaimonia). For the past ten years, Cory has owned a successful IT business. "Quality is not an act, it is a habit." When you are stubborn, you are controlling. Josh is currently reading it Plato 428 BC-347 BC, ancient Greek philosopher. Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm He is a fanatical history buff and ardent student of leadership and management. She had a much deeper knowledge than some journalist who tries to write a ‘flashy’ story about Stoicism because it’s trending now. The difference is that when you are patient, you are leading. Exclusive interviews with leading scholars on Stoicism. (Especially Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the Stoic school.). Miletus, the southernmost Ionian city, was the wealthiest of Greek cities and the main focus of the “Ionian awakening”, a name for the initial phase of classical Greek civilization, coincidental with the birth of Greek philosophy.The first group of Greek philosophers is a triad of Milesian … There are six major exercises (Askesis) which refocuses Aristotle’s insights and broadens their scope. After her recent feature in the article in the Sunday Times of London written by the journalist Gavanndra Hodge, we reached out to Dr. Agio to learn more. The Six Principles. Well I recommend my book The Stoic CEO, and of course all the top books of the Modern Stoicism Movement. Ancient Greek wisdom for today’s leadership crisis October 15, 2017 8.35pm EDT. We find proto-scientific explanations of the natural world in the Milesian thinkers, and we hear Democritus posit … As Aristotle taught, we are here to ‘flourish’ into our ‘Telos’, our full potential as a human being, to thrive. To keep track of the series, just click the “Follow” button at the top of this post.See other posts in the series: Shakespeare: 8 Great Ways to Self Leadership, What's Really Important in this Life (Mother Teresa), Da Vinci: 8 Secrets for Getting Things Done7 Secrets to Persistence from the Great Edison, Churchill: We Desperately Need Your Optimism, Ten Best Practices from an Egomaniac (Napolean), Today’s Leaders are Missing Lincoln’s Humility, Socrates: 7 Leadership Lessons from a Nobody. While only a small portion of his writings have survived the ages, they contain powerful messages relevant to today's leaders. About 600 BCE, the Greek cities of Ionia were the intellectual and cultural leaders of Greece and the number one sea-traders of the Mediterranean. How can you lead others, if you can’t lead yourself ? See you all at StoiconX October in Athens. I immediately contacted Donald Robertson, and implored him to organize STOICON in Athens, Greece. Please enjoy our interview with Dr. Alkistis Agio! Sure, I do a wide variety of Stoic practices…For example, I like to wake up at the crack of dawn each day and do a meditation which combines Marcus Aurelius with something like the Serenity Prayer, that really encapsulates the Stoic approach to life. The Stoics don’t follow strict regimes in terms of eating, sleeping, or exercising primarily to improve their physical health any more than anyone else who wants to be healthy and fit. What would be some good compliments to the typical Stoic reading list? Authentic leadership is a rather new theory, yet the core ideas of the leadership model can be traced back to Ancient Greece. overwhelmed by life’s relentless onslaught of details, problems, alternatives and considerations… They try to manage everything, but they often feel paralyzed by indecision and the feeling of being overwhelmed – a prisoner of their own thoughts. How does that process look like? Here, he fought the Nazis at age 14 and was widely known for it, they called him ‘The Captain’. For over thirteen years now I have been filming and editing the videos myself, I am self-taught and unfortunately, I am not gifted in technical things. The greatest gift you can give your team are skills and knowledge to help them be self-sufficient in life. Having authored The Stoic CEO and being internationally known as an ‘Ambassador’ of Greek philosophy, we’d love your opinion on those pieces and what you make of the modern resurgence of Stoicism? 536 Greek Philosopher quotes curated by Successories Quote Database. ‘In Search of…’ my hero, Epictetus Here at the ancient ‘Odeon’ of Nicoupolis in Greece, where he opened a school after being released from slavery. Greek philosophy is „truth‟, which is even more unknowable than the higher level ... A philosophy of leadership is an action-logic that undergirds leadership actions. The Golden Verses of Pythagoras, quoted by Epictetus, famously suggest that we then ask ourselves three questions: What did you do amiss? What does your daily Stoic routine look like? Greek religion - Greek religion - Beliefs, practices, and institutions: The early Greeks personalized every aspect of their world, natural and cultural, and their experiences in it. I created The ALKISTIS Method specifically for developing self-leadership. He shared his love of Greek philosophy with me later on, to help me prepare for the ‘battle of life’. Socrates, one of the first philosophers, insisted on our right to think for … You are also a coach and leadership trainer with over twenty year’s experience in working with professionals to “explore philosophy in its profound, practical application to life’s challenges.” What are the specific skills, ideas and concepts that you help people implement?

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